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Arenal Volcano

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Arenal Volcano and Fortuna area are one of the most beautiful destinations in Costa Rica, making it one of the most visited areas in Central America. Experience its blue and cold waterfall, rafting along its river, hiking the majestic Volcano, paddle board on its huge lake and see the breathtaking wildlife and landscapes in the zone.

Full Day Excursions from Arenal

Full Day Tours from the La Fortuna/Arenal area

Get a perfect taste of the mountainside wilds around the Arenal Volcano in one crazy…
8 Hours
The Gravity Falls Costa Rica canyoning adventure involves a 140ft rappel down a rushing waterfall…
5/6 Hours
Explore the beautiful Lake Arenal - go Stand Up Paddling and get amazing views of…
5.5 Hours
Natural wonders

Arenal Volcano Walk & Hike

$64 / per person
Explore one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Costa Rica. Walk & Hike…
3 Hours
What is the best Costa Rica rafting tour, you might ask? For us, the Sarapiqui…
5 Hours
Natural beauty

Sloth Territory Arenal Tour

$65 / per person
The sweet smiling face of the Costa Rican sloth is rapidly becoming the iconic symbol…
2 Hours
Come see the abundance of nature and wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer! This…
6 Hours
Natural wonders
This tour will allow you to see two important highlights of the La Fortuna Arenal…
6 Hours
This is the quintessential Arenal Volcano 1968 tour to do when you’re in La Fortuna!…
6 Hours
Top view
The Arenal Hanging Bridges at Mistico Park is a beautiful, environmentally-friendly nature project located near…
3 Hours
Golden seed
Chocolate is another of the traditional crops grown in Costa Rica, and while at Don…
2 Hours
off road
With Jungle and Maleku’s ATV Tour you have the perfect opportunity to learn about our…
2 Hours
off road
This is a mixture of nature, vegetation, adventure, and lots of flora and fauna. All…
3 Hours
Natural wonders
The Rio Celeste National Park is a beautiful 1.5 hour scenic drive from the Arenal…
7 Hours
Sarapiqui Arenal Rafting Tours - Native's Way Costa Rica - Arenal Transfers and Tours adrenaline
Bring on the adrenaline with the class 3 rafting trip on the Sarapiqui River! The Sarapiqui River area is…
6 Hours
Waterfall Rappeling - Native's Way Costa Rica Tours - Arenal Tours top adventure

Canyoning in the Lost Canyon

$99 / per person
This Arenal Costa Rica canyoning adventure tour will take you where very few have had…
4 Hours
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