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Monteverde Cloud Forest

A Complete List of Tours & Packages in the Monteverde
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Monteverde Cloud Forest Tours

A Full List of All Tours in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Area

Monteverde Cloud Forest’s thick cloud cover among the canopy provides a top level landscape and ecological richness. One of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth, Monteverde is home to 4% of the known species of plants and animals. Experience this magical place in a multitude of ways including Ziplining, Hanging Bridges, Nature Reserves, Bungee Jumping and much more!

Natural beauty
Experience the forests of Costa Rica at night without the risk of getting lost or putting yourself at risk when you go on a guided tour. Wildlife-loving travelers won’t want to miss visiting a forest at night because animals behave differently after dark, and some become more active.
2 Hours
Natural beauty
Coffee'N Jungle Night Tour is a perfect blend of coffee tradition and wildlife adventure in Monteverde. On this night tour visitors will learn a lot about the whole coffee process in a very interesting way because it is a dynamic experience that is plenty of fun, not to mention the tasting of one of the best coffees in the world.
2.5 Hours
Natural beauty

Monteverde Birdwatching Tour

$70 / per person
The birds of Costa Rica will incite passion in new or experienced “birders” - a term used for bird watchers. The biodiversity of the high altitude forests is unique and endemic in its majority to these highlands of Costa Rica Central America, where you can observe the Resplendent Quetzal and a great variety of Hummingbirds and native orchids that have epiphytic lives. We offer the possibility of taking the tour in a special electric cart for people with walking problems, with an extra cost of $60 that you can pay…
3 Hours
Natural wonders
This great tour in every sense provides a good opportunity to observe much of the local wildlife, especially in a tropical cloud forest unique on the planet that makes this tour a magical natural experience.
3 Hours
off road

ATV Monteverde Mountain Tour

$100 / per person
The ATV tour takes you on an exhilarating ride through the jungle and mountains of Monteverde. This is a perfect way to cool off by following your guide through the lush green forest with muddy areas, small rivers and breathtaking views.
2 Hours
Join us for the exhilarating extreme canopy tour of Monteverde. Your experience will consist of the longest zipline in Costa Rica with breathtaking views of the Cloud Forest and an adrenaline rush as you are given the opportunity to fly through the treetops and view the lush rainforest, SUPERMAN STYLE!
2.5 Hours
Extremely unique as the jump is performed from a Tram that moves by a system of cables to a point where only the most daring climb to the spectacular height of 143 meters thus making it the highest in Costa Rica and Central America. Experience an action-filled, head-first freefall over the rainforest of Monteverde. You will feel like you are flying through the sky the moment you leap from the 143 meter high platform and plunge to the depths of the canyon. This is an experience that will leave you…
30 minutes
Natural paradise
Get to know a turquoise water paradise located between the Nicoya Peninsula and the mainland of Costa Rica. Knows for being place as number one on the top 10 things to do in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, according to TripAdvisor. It boasts sandy beaches, turquoise water, have the right balance between wildlife seeing, relaxation and a good vibe.
7.5 Hours
Natural beauty

Bats Tour in Monteverde

$52 / per person
Did you know that there are more bats than birds in Costa Rica? Have an amazing close up view and informative tour showcasing live bats flying & feeding. Get to know these peculiar animals in their natural habitats.
1.5 Hour
Natural wonders
This is the most complete option where you will experience the forest hiking without a guide through all the 4 big waterfalls, 10 bridges and swimming pools in the river with no limit of time! And you can choose between horseback riding or safari car 4x4
3.5 Hour
Hanging Bridges - Monteverde Cloud Forest Tour - Native's Way Costa Rica Tours incredible
Zipline through the clouds on a 2 mile course w/ Tarzan Swing, have a hearty lunch, and walk through the clouds on the notorious hanging bridges.
8-12 Hours
Monteverde Coffee Chocolate Tour - Native's Way Costa Rica Monteverde Tours golden seed
See how the famous Coffee and Chocolate in Monteverde is made! History and full process from seed to final product!
natural beauty
Sloth Sanctuary, a hearty lunch, and walk through the clouds on the notorious hanging bridges.
6-10 Hours

Monteverde Cloud Forest Packages

The following packages include a stay in Monteverde Cloud Forest, you can’t miss this location when visiting Costa Rica!

Waterfall Rappeling - Native's Way Costa Rica Tours - Arenal Tours top package
An exhilarating 8 days and 7 nights in Costa Rica experiencing the best adventures that Costa Rica has to offer. Included is an ATV tour on white sand beaches, extreme…
8 Days/7 Nights

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