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Arenal Volcano Tours

A Complete List of Tours & Packages in the Arenal Area!

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All Arenal Volcano Tours

Half and Full Day Tours in Arenal Volcano area

Get a perfect taste of the mountainside wilds around the Arenal Volcano in one crazy fun combo of two exciting sports: waterfall rappelling and whitewater rafting. You will be guided by professional guides and be provided with the highest quality safety equipment.
8 Hours
The Gravity Falls Costa Rica canyoning adventure involves a 140ft rappel down a rushing waterfall into a deep crystalline pool, five cliff diving waterfall jumps ranging from five feet to 25 feet, a canyoning swim through a narrow passage, going river tracing and other climbing adventures.
5/6 Hours
Explore the beautiful Lake Arenal - go Stand Up Paddling and get amazing views of the colossal Arenal Volcano. You'll feel like you're walking on water as you cross Lake Arenal from one side to the next
5.5 Hours
Natural wonders

Arenal Volcano Walk & Hike

$64 / per person
Explore one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Costa Rica. Walk & Hike through the National Park surrounding the majestic Arenal Volcano. The Arenal Volcano 1968 Park and other reserves along the border of the National Park are one of the most visited places in all of Central America.
3 Hours
What is the best Costa Rica rafting tour, you might ask? For us, the Sarapiqui River offers an amazing whitewater rafting trip for everyone! This is your chance to brave the wilds on this full-day Arenal Rafting tour from La Fortuna. You'll do some fierce paddling downstream over class 2 and 3 rapids we call the ‘Morning Coffee’ and ‘Superman!’ The deep green scenery of the Sarapiqui canyon comes alive as you make your way down this emerald water way - breathe in the pure air and then cool off…
5 Hours
Natural beauty

Sloth Territory Arenal Tour

$65 / per person
The sweet smiling face of the Costa Rican sloth is rapidly becoming the iconic symbol of the country's amazing rainforest wildlife. If you would like an easy hike to see these cuddly looking animals this is the perfect tour for you. Here you will observe the 2-toed and 3-toed sloths as well as a variety of birds and amphibians.
2 Hours
Come see the abundance of nature and wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer! This Costa Rica Safari Float is a smooth, two-hour paddle down the quiet, lower section of the Sarapiqui River and great for nature lovers of all ages, especially children and their parents. Your bilingual nature guide will paddle and steer your boat as you float down the river and point out all of the exotic wildlife.
6 Hours
Natural wonders
This tour will allow you to see two important highlights of the La Fortuna Arenal Volcano area in one day! Want to spend a fun day doing a hike through nature and enjoy two of the most popular attractions in the area? Check out this Mini Combo Tour where you'll get take a leisurely nature walk in a reserve near the Arenal National Park, one of the closest places you’ll get to the Arenal Volcano, go have an incredible lunch right next to the El Salto Swimming Hole and Waterfall…
6 Hours
This is the quintessential Arenal Volcano 1968 tour to do when you’re in La Fortuna! The Arenal Volcano Rainforest and Natural History along with the breath-taken lava flow twill take you through lush rainforest along the base of Costa Rica's most famous volcano.
6 Hours
Top view
The Arenal Hanging Bridges at Mistico Park is a beautiful, environmentally-friendly nature project located near the Arenal Volcano for walking tours. If you are wondering where to see the Costa Rica rainforest, this is a perfect hiking and walking activity for families with young children because there is always plenty to see and you can pick and choose the walking trails you'd like to hike in the Costa Rica rainforest. This is considered one of the best nature walks in La Fortuna, Costa Rica.
3 Hours
Golden seed
Chocolate is another of the traditional crops grown in Costa Rica, and while at Don Juan’s farm you will get an insight into the traditional methods that our ancestors used to roast the seeds, separate the husks and finally grind the beans.
2 Hours
off road
With Jungle and Maleku’s ATV Tour you have the perfect opportunity to learn about our culture and the essence of our ancestors, as well as it's perfect for the youngest and the whole family will have a really good time.
2 Hours
off road
This is a mixture of nature, vegetation, adventure, and lots of flora and fauna. All the Maleku tour has to offer, plus a visit to the Ecological park to see some wildlife up close and personal.
3 Hours
Natural wonders
The Rio Celeste National Park is a beautiful 1.5 hour scenic drive from the Arenal Volcano through rural villages. The Río Celeste waterfall is near the Tenorio and Miravalles Volcanoes and is becoming an increasingly popular area to visit in Costa Rica for hiking. This Costa Rica hike takes about 1.5 to 2 hours or about 6 kms long (3 miles) and is considered a moderate hike.
7 Hours
Sarapiqui Arenal Rafting Tours - Native's Way Costa Rica - Arenal Transfers and Tours adrenaline
Bring on the adrenaline with the class 3 rafting trip on the Sarapiqui River! The Sarapiqui River area is famous for its lush jungle scenery. In fact, we call this section of the river The Jungle Run because you are bound to see monkeys, iguanas and other amazing Costa Rican wildlife along the side of this beautiful river for rafting.
6 Hours
Waterfall Rappeling - Native's Way Costa Rica Tours - Arenal Tours top adventure

Canyoning in the Lost Canyon

$99 / per person
This Arenal Costa Rica canyoning adventure tour will take you where very few have had the privilege to roam: The Lost Canyon! Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! The perfect place for first-timers and experienced canyoning enthusiasts. Trek deep into the Costa Rica rainforest and rappel the biggest waterfalls near the Arenal Volcano!
4 Hours

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